In order to increase your physical and mental wellness you need to focus on developing healthy habits in your daily routine that create a wellness focused lifestyle that you can maintain on a regular basis.  Healthy habits such as eating healthy meals, regular exercise, and a good night’s sleep are core elements that contribute to your overall wellness.  Adding a soak in your spa pool to your daily routine can also help provide some amazing health benefits.  The benefits of hydrotherapy can help you to relax, regenerate, reconnect, sleep better & support a healthy immune system, contributing also to your overall wellness.

Creating a healthy lifestyle does not mean changing your life drastically, but finding enjoyable ways to look after yourself, like taking a nice warm soak in a hot tub.

“Hot tub hydrotherapy, the combined therapeutic effects of heat, buoyancy and massage, can improve your health, especially when enjoyed as part of a daily routine. Warm water immersion relaxes your muscles, buoyancy reduces tension on joints while easing aches and pains, and jet massage can work out knots caused by hard work or stress. Daily soaks can also help improve your emotional wellness so you feel better both physically and mentally.” Hot Spring

How to soak to improve your overall wellness.

  1. Use your Spa Pool regularly to reap the therapeutic benefits of warm water immersion. In addition to helping you relax, it can improve blood flow, experience relief from gravity, reduce swelling and compress muscles to relieve fatigue & reduce stress & anxiety.
  2. Put technology down. When over used, technology, can be associated with poor health. The separation from texts, calls, and social media will allow you to focus on relaxation as the hot water soothes your body and mind and the massage jets work to release tension.
  3. Be conscious of what you are listening to. Unwelcome day to day noise can add to feelings of anxiety, especially if you live in the city or a busy area.  Focus on the sound of the water; listen to the massage jets or water feature to relax. Alternatively, we offer a variety of entertainment system options to listen to some relaxing tunes in your spa pool.
  4. Soak before you sleep. A short soak about an hour before bed can help relax your body and prepare your mind for a satisfying sleep by washing away your worries, body aches and pains. As you soak in the warm water of your spa, your body temperature rises. When you get out of the spa, your body temperature drops, signaling the brain that it’s time for sleep.

Make Spa Pool use part of your daily routine to start feeling the mental & physical benefits and overall feelings of contentment.

“Finding ways to improve your physical wellness is about developing healthy habits that contribute positively to your overall well-being. A daily soak in a hot tub can help promote wellness by providing all the benefits of hydrotherapy in an enjoyable and relaxing experience. No matter what your exact routine is, with your hot tub as the cornerstone, you’ll be making wellness a priority in your life and increase your chances for success in all your wellness goals.” Hot Spring

To make a Hot Tub part of your daily wellness routine, contact our friendly and highly experience professional team at Brisbane Spa Super Centre.