spa vs pool

Spa vs Pool


Considering buying a pool? You must read this first!!!

Summer is coming.

Learn why a Spa or Swim Spa is the better choice these days.

It’s starting to warm up, Summer is a welcome glimmer on the very close horizon, and the “should we get a pool?” question has popped up in your head again.

You imagine spending every day with friends and family all swimming in your new pool, life is perfect…

Then reality sets in, you decide you want a pool and it is going to take 3-6 months to plan, build, install, landscape and so on before you can use it.

Your budget has been blown out of the water from the original quote with added extras you really need and learn about along the way. This could be excavation, reinforcement, landscaping, this list goes on.

You finally get your pool, it is the end of summer, and you, your family and friends use it, life is perfect, for a few weeks. Then the novelty wears off, the days cool off, no one uses it. It looks amazing due to the copious hours of maintenance you are putting in each week.  Your back pocket is burning!! You ask, “was it worth it?’

Adamant you made the right decision, you buy some new pool toys, you put your togs on and jump in in April anyway, pretending to like it, but not eager to do it again really. Oh dear…you think after 5 minutes… “maybe I should have looked at the spa options…”


It is questionable that a pool increases your property value significantly. Some people don’t want the hassle, would prefer the yard space as property blocks tend to be smaller these days. They don’t want the added running and maintenance cost, and wouldn’t use it half of the year or more.  Property investors might stay away from properties with a pool as they can be neglected by tenants and prove costly to run.

Pool maintenance can set owners back in excess of $2000 a year, and thousands more if heated. These costs can eat away at any, if any, initial increase to the value of the property.

If you have kids you may use your pool every day in summer, but what about winter? When the kids grow up, or you don’t have kids, how often will you really use it?

A good spa however can actually increase property value.  Fully installed, a spa has a much smaller footprint than a pool, leaving more backyard space, less compromise. If you own a Hotspring Spa/Swim Spa, maintenance is easy, running costs are low, and best of all, the temperature can be adjusted to your liking and used ALL YEAR ROUND! Great Value for money.  They are fully portable so you can take it with you when you move.


Spas come in all shapes and sizes to suit your space and your needs.  With built in hydrotherapy and massage, the benefits of using one of our Hotspring Spas are second to none.  You will be addicted to using it every day because it makes you feel good.  Cheap to run, the Energy Smart Spa, an average size Hotspring Spa (Sovereign) will cost you $300 – $600 to run all year, heated with daily use. (see table below) Hotspring Spas are the World’s Number 1 Selling Portable Spa, once you have owned one, you will never own anything else.

energy smart


Chemical free, salt water options are available for selected Hotspring Spa models making water care and maintenance easier than ever, almost none at all!  No added chemicals to your spa. Great for kids and people who may have sensitive skin or allergies. Learn about the Hotspring Spas Ace Salt Water System


The swim spas offer both hydrotherapy/massage benefits with a built-in fitness component. Some swim spas you can swim, run, even row in! Athletes are loving the new swim spas with the built-in treadmill! Cancel the gym membership. You won’t need it with one of these!

For swim instructors and coaches, the Fastlane Pool Swim Spas from the makers of Hotspring Spas is the best-kept secret in swimming instruction. Learning how to swim in a Fastlane Pool is an ideal way to tackle fear of the water, as the Fastlane Pool’s compact size offers an intimate, personal setting, ideal for direct communication between instructor and student to perfect the swimming stroke.

Whether you know how to swim or are looking to take the plunge, the Fastlane Pool Swim Spa could be the key to unlocking many years of comfort and confidence in the water.  Check out or range of Fastlane Pool Swim Spas, from the makers of Hotspring Spas here.

swim spa tredmil


A spa/swim spa can be built in and landscaped also. Complete with water features, high quality Bluetooth audio sound systems a spa can provide more features than a pool, but still giving you that tranquil space in your backyard, a place to relax and unwind.  Don’t forget, you can have it installed ready to use in weeks, not months.  **Qld Government fencing regulations apply for a spa or a pool.

landscaped spa


Kids will love the spa, they are great for little ones learning to swim.  Very safe! The Hotspring brand meets all Australian requirements for safety, but please check if you are looking at other brands as this is very important.

When the kids fingers have pruned and they are sufficiently water logged; the sun is setting, it is time for you to relax and unwind with a deserving massage, relaxing tunes in the back ground, mood lighting; you and your partner will never want to get out.

kids swimming


Installing an average Pool will set you back $35,000- $80,000 + $1000’s in running, maintenance and chemicals every year.

A spa or swim spa will cost you $5000 – $75,000, with much lower running, maintenance and chemical costs.

I know what I would prefer and what is going to give me best value for my money!

Get in touch with one of the team at Brisbane Spa Super Centre and start enjoying your new spa/swim spa sooner.  The right spa is waiting for you!

PHONE (07) 3277 3541

Weekly Cost Estimates of a spa in Australia (6 soaks a week)

Weekly Energy Cost = Kilowatt Hours x Rate per Kilowatt Hour

Temp = Annual Mean Ambient Temperature (degrees Celsius)

kWh = Average Energy per week to operate the spa*

Rate =Average Electricity Rate charged (cents per kWh)**

Cost = Approximate Weekly Energy Cost to Operate Spa (AU$)

Coffs Harbour18.331.431.00c$10.48
Port Macquarie17.732.135.42c$11.37

 *Test based on a Sovereign® Spa set at 39°C used 6 times per week, 15 minutes with the jets on, 15 minutes with the jets off during each use. Testing
conducted by an independent third party certified laboratory in a Controlled Environmental Chamber at multiple ambient temperatures using continuous Data
Acquisition Monitoring of watts, temperature and humidity, with all equipment rigorously calibrated to ensure data accuracy. Individual energy consumption
will vary depending on water set temperature, actual customer usage patterns and actual environmental ambient conditions.
** Based on the rates as quoted by various local electrical providers June 2014. kWh rounded to one decimal place. Rates are subject to change – check
with your local electricity provider for the current rate in your area


swim spa


FeatureHotspring SPA/SWIM SPAThe Average POOL
Energy EfficientYESNO
Low Maintenance YESNO
Salt Water Options YES YES
Will use all year round YESNO
Hydrotherapy/Massage benefits YESNO
Built in/Landscape options YES YES
Portable YESNO
Swimming and Exercise YES YES
Run in/Triathlon training YESNO
Entertain friends/family YES YES
Easy installation YESNO
Increase property value YES YES
Built in audio options YESNO
Lighting YES YES
Water Feature YESNO
Short delivery time YESNO
Health benefits of swimming YES YES
No swim turns YESNO
Relaxation/Family time/Togetherness YES YES
Customer Support YESNO



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