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Fastlane Pools X500

Low-impact, full-body exercise

The X500, the 4.6m SwimCross Exercise System, delivers all the fitness and fun of our 3.7m model, plus extra room to stretch out and luxuriate!

The SwimCross® Exercise Systems X500 from Fastlane Pools® actively dedicates your space to your most vital priorities.

The X500 current is generated by 4 custom-engineered airless jets with highly variable speed and minimal turbulence. Three round jets provide resistance above an oblong River Jet for lift. You can swim, add resistance to any aquatic exercise, or create a wave that kids love for active play. When it’s time to relax, the X500 provides three distinct hydromassage seats. You’ll have soothing aquatic therapy at home and on demand.

Combining functionality with beauty, the X500 features a steel-framed cabinet with streamlined, modern styling. The cabinet’s durable, state-of-the-art materials make it virtually maintenance-free.


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