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Fastlane Pools X2000

The Supreme Fastlane Swim Spas Exercise System

The X2000 is our biggest and best SwimCross™ Exercise System. Featuring two separate pools, the swim side is a huge 6.09m and the adjoining spa pool has independent temperature control and 4 hydrotherapy seats.

Inside the SwimCross® Exercise Systems X2000 from Fastlane Pools®, two distinct areas provide two separate aquatic atmospheres. The exercise area provides plenty of space for the whole family to have fun and get active. Then, the separate spa area invites you to take a seat in a sculpted hydromassage chair as the jets pamper your post-workout muscles. Each area features independent temperature controls, so you can unwind at a luxurious 40 degrees while others swim freely and comfortably at 30 degrees.

Not only does your SwimCross® Exercise Systems X2000 achieve the right temperature at the right time, it also provides a current that flexes to you. The X2000 features four airless jets, including three round jets for resistance and an oblong River Jet below those to provide lift. The unique jet configuration produces smooth, highly variable resistance for all levels of swimming and exercise.

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