• E2000 Dual Zone

    6.1 metre Swim Fitness System Plus Spa

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Fastlane Pools Dual Zone E2000

The Supreme Fastlane Swim Spas Fitness Experience

The E2000 allows you to have it all with our industry’s best swim-in-place experience. It has dedicated swim and spa sides allowing us to optimise each area. The swim side has more space which enhances your rowing and resistance exercises. The spa side has it’s own temperature setting allowing you to personalise each part of the pool to your preferences.

Space is not the only improvement, it’s the technology behind an Fastlane Swim Spa that sets it apart from its competitors. With remote controls for the swim machine and underwater treadmill and a LED lighting system that brings magic to your back yard.

As this is a larger pool we understand how important energy efficiency is, our swim side features three layers of insulation to provide maximum thermal performance. You can relax in the spa side knowing that this side has been fully foamed to retain the heat.

The E2000 is a truly multipurpose pool that all of your family can enjoy.

Model Type 147cm Swim & Tread 147cm Swim
Dimensions 610 x 147 x 226 cm 610 x 147 x 226 cm
Swim Side 457 x 147 x 226 cm 457 x 147 x 226 cm
Spa Side 152 x 93 x 226 cm 152 x 93 x 226 cm
Water Capacity 8,896 litres 9,066 litres
Swim Side 7,571 litres 7,741 litres
Spa Side 1,325 litres 1,325 litres
Weight 1,903 kg (Dry)
11,587 kg (Filled)
1,855 kg (Dry)
11,710 kg (Filled)
Shell Colour Options Alpine White or Ice Grey Alpine White or Ice Grey
Cabinet Colour Options Dark Mocha or Grey Oak Dark Mocha or Grey Oak
Swim Technology Fastlane Pools© Swim Machine Fastlane Pools© Swim Machine
Shell Colours
Alpine While alpine white
Ice Gray Acrylic Ice Gray acrylic
Cabinet Colours
Dark Mocha Dark Mocha
Gray Oak Gray Oak

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