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    Make Your Home A Space Of Wellness
    With A Found — Space Infrared Sauna

    *New Name, Same Saunas. Formerly known as iHealth Saunas

Infrared Saunas

iHealth Saunas has been re-born as FOUNDSPACE, a health-tech company that helps people to recreate their home’s spaces to better serve their wellbeing.

Found—Space build top quality infrared saunas and are leaders in the infrared sauna industry.  Along with providing excellent customer service, Found—Space have the goal to inspire a global movement of better health experienced in the spaces we inhabit and within ourselves.

Brisbane Spa Super Centre are excited to be a part of this movement to promote wellness with all products we sell.

Found—Space Lite Infrared sauna


The Power Of A Simple Sweat.

2 & 3 Person Available


2 Person: 1.19m X 1.04m x 1.90m, 1720 Watts 240V powerpoint

3 Person: 1.45m X 1.04m x 1.90m, 2120 Watts 240V powerpoint


Kiln dried Canadian hemlock timber
Low EMF carbon heaters
Bluetooth connectivity
Australian Electrical Certification


2 year heater warranty


The Sauna That Fits Into Your Life


1 Person City Compact: Contracted: .85w X .58d x 1.90h Expanded: .85w X 1.06d x 1.90h, 1686 Watts 240V powerpoint

Slide open to sweat. Slide closed to stow.

For small quarters living.


Ideal for small spaces
Easy slide system
Bluetooth sound system
Australian Electrical Certification


Lifetime heater warranty 5 year cabinet and electrical warranty.

Found—Space city compact infrared sauna


Take your Found—Space sweat session back into nature.

Outdoor Far Infrared ‘Barrel’ Sauna


3-4 Person: 1.95w X 1.5d x 2.11h, 3300 Watts 15 Amp powerpoint


Full Spectrum heating system

20mm thick Canadian cedar construction
Built to last tough Aussie conditions
Shingle roofing tiles
8mm toughened glass door
Colour therapy lighting
Aromatherapy with essential oils
Bluetooth sound system
All internals built to Australian Electrical standards
IPX2 water resistance


Lifetime heater warranty 5 year cabinet and electrical warranty


Why Choose Infrared

“As opposed to steam saunas, which heat the body with a moist heat, infrared works by heating the body directly with dry heat. Infrared heat creates a cardiovascular workout on the body while removing heavy metals and toxins, and benefits enjoyed include reduced pain and stress, better sleep and muscle recovery, and improved weight and energy.” Found—Space

Found—Space logo horizontal
manage pain
manage weight
sleep better
lower stress


*All FOUND—SPACE Infrared Saunas Come With the Following.

  • 24 Hour Auto Preset

  • Lifetime Heater Warranty

  • 5 Year Cabinet Warranty

  • 5 Year Electrical Warranty (Except the Lite Range which has 2 Year Warranty)

  • Made to Australian Electrical Safety Standards

  • FSC Certified Timber

body benefits

Mind + Body Benefits


Infrared sauna has been shown to reduce inflammatory markers in the body.


Infrared Sauna provides a natural boost in circulation with regular use attributed to weight loss.


Infrared sauna activates the para sympathetic nervous system leaving us calm and relaxed.

Found—Space Ice Bath

*Order now for October installation.


Get your ice bath session in with the Found—Space Ice Bath.

Use the Found—Space app to time your sessions or guide you through when you need it.

Suitable for installation inside or outside. Installation included.

Cold plunge in style with 15 years manufacturing experience.

Found—Space Ice Baths are designed to complement your journey to improved health and wellbeing. Feel the benefits of cold water therapy after exercise, and see how cold water immersion can help with muscle soreness, swelling, circulation and recovery.

Ice bath recovery sessions perfectly complement infrared sauna sessions. Achieve the health you’re after with the proven health benefits of both infrared saunas and ice baths.
*Step not included, can be purchased separately.

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