Regular home Spa use has been proven to help decrease Anxiety, Stress and Muscle Tension.

We live in a busy, often demanding world. On a good day, we handle our family and work responsibilities with ease; on a bad day our lives can feel overwhelming and make us anxious. We don’t always know how to deal with anxiety, but if you own a spa, a calming soak can be a great way to start.


Stress can reduce our quality of life. Anxiety affects a wide range of people and is often associated with muscle tension. While handling small amounts of stress can be easy, when confronted with too many demands, the resulting anxiety can feel defeating. Often, it helps to just take a break, be alone in a quiet place away from the distractions of technology and the demands of work, family, and friends. When you take time to unwind your mind, you’re able to think more clearly and focus on your own needs rather than those of others.

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Hot Tip Tuesday – How to clean your spa filter

Regular spa pool use requires regular spa pool maintenance. This includes cleaning spa filters on a regular schedule.

Cleaning your filter regularly will ensure the best performance for a clean spa with cleaner water.  Keeping filters clean will also extend the life of the filter and it will be obvious when it is time to replace them by looking out for signs of wear and tear. If it is discoloured of has worn rubber, it may need to be replaced.

How to clean you filters

Turn off the power to your spa pool, open the filter lid and remove the filter or filters.

There are a few methods for cleaning your spa filter.

  1. Use a hose to rinse the filter
  2. Use filter spray or degreaser, then rinse with a hose
  3. Soak the filter in filter spray or degreaser overnight and then rinse with a hose.

Put the filters back in the filter box and turn on the power to your spa pool.

For high use spa goers, we recommend cleaning filters every 1 – 2 weeks!


Portable Spa Fencing Regulations

Portable pools and spas now need to comply with the pool safety laws.

Children can drown in portable pools and spas—the water doesn’t need to be deep. The pool safety laws are aimed at stopping this tragic loss of life.
From 30 November 2015, all pool fences and barriers must comply with current pool safety laws.

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Brisbane Home Show

The Home Show – FRI 8 to SUN 10 SEPTEMBER 2017

Come See Us on Stand K49, at the BRISBANE HOME SHOW.  

FRI 8 – SUN 10 SEPTEMBER 2017.  Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Exclusive Home Show Packages have been especially designed put together to save you Thousands on your spa pool or swim spa purchase from the show.  You will not get a better deal! Every spa has been reduced for you!

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spa vs pool

Spa vs Pool


Considering buying a pool? You must read this first!!!

Summer is coming.

Learn why a Spa or Swim Spa is the better choice these days.

It’s starting to warm up, Summer is a welcome glimmer on the very close horizon, and the “should we get a pool?” question has popped up in your head again.

You imagine spending every day with friends and family all swimming in your new pool, life is perfect…

Then reality sets in, you decide you want a pool and it is going to take 3-6 months to plan, build, install, landscape and so on before you can use it.

Your budget has been blown out of the water from the original quote with added extras you really need and learn about along the way. This could be excavation, reinforcement, landscaping, this list goes on.

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gold coast show 2017

Gold Coast Expo 2017

HUGE SAVINGS at the Gold Coast Expo this weekend, 28th to 30th July 2017. 

Expo Packages will be available to save you Thousands on your spa or swim spa purchase.

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spa pool

Why you need a spa pool…

Why you need a spa pool…

See how a spa pool can help you feel your best, offering physical and emotional benefits that you can enjoy every day. In addition to providing stress-relief and relaxation, discover how a spa pool helps you enjoy time outside with loved ones.

A spa pool provides the powerful combination of massage and hot water. Hotspring strive to do these things better with one-of-a-kind massage, innovative water care systems, and features that keep water hot and operating costs low. Plus, you can count on our decades of experience and our unparalleled customer care for the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®.

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Car Park Spa Sale


NEW, DEMO and USED SPA SALE ON NOW!!! 4 DAYS ONLY! We are excited to be holding a massive CAR PARK SPA SALE. There will be so many spas to choose from up for grabs at unbelievable prices during our massive Car Park Spa Sale.

Real People, Real Stories – Ashley & Chris

Meet Ashley and Chris, active hot tubbers and parents who use their Hot Spring spa to speed recovery, prevent injuries, and unplug from the world.

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The Hot Spring Spas Highlife® Collection NXT

Hotspring have elevated spa design to a whole new


Stunning visual design by Designworks, a BMW Group Company

Revolutionary Moto-Massage® DX jet viagra generique le moin cher technology

Low-maintenance ACE® Salt Water System

Unparalleled energy efficiency
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ACE® Salt Water Sanitizing System – Hot Spring Spas


A breakthrough in the area of water care in fact its virtually a hands free way to sanitize the water in your spa and to do it all with just a little bit of salt, the water in your hot tub and a bit of exclusive technology from Hot Spring Spas. Take a closer look.

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