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A breakthrough in the area of water care in fact its virtually a hands free way to sanitize the water in your spa and to do it all with just a little bit of salt, the water in your hot tub and a bit of exclusive technology from Hot Spring Spas. Take a closer look.

The product is called the ACE saltwater sanitizing system, and if you want to know a secret to why it’s so effective at cleaning your water it’s this. It’s diamonds. You see? The ACE System has a proprietary diamond electrode that’s capable of transforming a small amount of salt that’s in your water into a range of very powerful and effective cleaners. It turns out diamonds are a hot tubs best friend.

Inside this housing is the exclusive diamond electrode of the ACE saltwater sanitizing system, and its designed to go right here inside the filter area of your spa. When energized, the diamond electrode does something very unique in fact, it has the ability to split apart water molecules and when it does that, it creates one of the world’s most powerful natural cleaners. It’s called active oxygen and that’s the first way that your water is cared for automatically by the ACE saltwater sanitizing system. Now as the active oxygen is doing its job, it also combines with salt and other elements in the water to create chlorine as well as three other powerful natural cleaners, and what’s better because the cleaners are created just from a little bit salt in the water in your hot tub, you’re far less likely to experience dry, itchy skin or even the irritated eyes, an especially that odor they can often accompany bottled water care product. Here’s another big upside to the ACE experience, because you’re creating your sanitizers and cleaners in your water automatically, there’s fewer bottled products that you’ll need to purchase to measure, to pour and guess what, because of that, it saves you time and makes the process simpler for you. And because you’re not adding extra water care products to your spa, which can often happen with manual dosing, your water tends to last longer which of course conserves water, saves you time, and actually saves you money. And when you do drain your spa because only a small amount of salt has been added to the water it has less of an impact on the environment. So if you like the sounds of things so far, you’ve got to see how simple the ACE system is to start up and operate.

Now part of preparing your spas water for the ACE sanitizing system involves another bit of exclusive technology. It’s something that actually protects the diamond electrode in your spa as well as creates a much softer more enjoyable soaking experience. It’s something we call the vanishing act calcium remover. It actually helps soften the water and create an environment that feels better to your skin. So to get the process started, you simply take the pillow, place it over the fitting in the bottom of the spa and wait twenty four hours, when you return dispose of the bag and your water should feel softer. Next you dissolve the appropriate amount of salt into the balanced water of your spa. The levels of salt are so low; it’s nearly a drinking water quality level. And then because the ACE system has been fully integrated with the very user friendly controls of your Hot Spring Spa you simply enter your spa size and your expected use level. For the first couple of weeks, it’s like ACE system is getting to know you and your family, so during that time, it’s important to check your ph and sanitizer level with a test strip once a week and make any adjustments if needed.

While you’re enjoying your spa for peace of mind, a status messages on the control panel let’s you know that the ACE system is doing its job. After thirty days the system will ask you to reconfirm the use level and at that point, it just wants to make sure it’s providing you with the right amount of sanitizer. So go ahead and take a test strip, check your ph and sanitizer level and reconfirm with the system. Once you do, you’re good to go for another thirty days. Every three months you’ll want to do one simple thing to keep your system performing at its best, and that’s to take the diamond electrode, and to soak it in a simple cleaning solution for about ten minutes. After ten minutes pass, guess what? It’s back to relaxing again. As you can see your Hot Spring spa has been very thoughtfully and exclusively designed to make water care incredibly easy. If you have the type of lifestyle that perhaps would benefit from more of a hands free approach for weeks at a time and would enjoy soaking in softer, fresher more natural feeling water, then the ACE saltwater sanitizing system is for you. We encourage you to take a closer look, we think you’ll be glad you did.
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