Spa Pool Cover Lifters


Spa pool cover lifters often get overlooked when shopping for your first home spa. However, experienced spa pool owners know that investing in a high-quality spa cover lifter is essential to improving the ownership experience of a spa pool. There are many distributors in New Zealand selling off-brand cover lifters, or one that isn’t designed specifically for your spa pool model. While it costs less up front, it may not be as cost effective in the long run.


Basically, spa pool cover lifters make covering and uncovering your spa incredibly simple – no lugging your cover from storage to use and no heavy lifting. You may find yourself soaking less if you find removing your spa pool cover a chore. With this in mind, it’s very important to get an efficient cover lifter that makes opening and closing your spa pool easy for everyone – even people with limited mobility.


At Hot Spring Spas, we ensure quality is at the forefront of everything we manufacture. This includes our spa pool cover lifters. A well designed spa pool is intended to last more than a decade. So, if your cover lifter isn’t rustproof, weather-resistant to New Zealand’s hard climates, and made of durable materials, it will wear out very quickly and won’t adequately protect your spa over its lifetime. For this reason, you will want to choose a spa pool cover that’s built with care and designed to the same high standards as your home spa.


Your spa pool will be the feature of your backyard after all, so style does matter. Your Hot Spring is designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind including features such as dazzling LED lights and elegant waterfalls and fountains, and optional entertainment systems you and your friends and family will love. However, if your spa pool cover isn’t equally as appealing as your spa pool or doesn’t fit it well, it can spoil the impression. Owning an aesthetically pleasing spa pool and spa pool cover will reward your eyes every day.


With four high-quality spa pool cover lifters to choose from, you’ll find the perfect one to protect and complement your home spa.


Covana Spa Cover and Gazebo

The first automated spa pool cover gazebo to hit Australian shores, introducing the Covana. No more struggling with opening your spa pool cover or removing debris or snow. One of the highest insulation covers on the market, the Covana secures and covers your spa pool or swim spa while offering maximum comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Now exclusive to Hot Spring® Spas Australia. Various sizes available to suit all spa models and sizes.

cover cradle

CoverCradle® Cover Lifter

Opening your spa is easy with the CoverCradle cover lifter. Featuring dual pneumatic gas shocks and ultra-smooth gliding action, the CoverCradle fits snugly on your spa. The largest of the cover lifter options here, the CoverCradle requires 61cm (24”) back clearance and 7.6cm (3”) side clearance.*

*Actual back and side clearance may vary depending on spa model and location.

Watch the CoverCradle in action here:

CoverCradle II Cover Lifter

The second generation of the innovative CoverCradle, the CoverCradle II features a single pneumatic gas spring, which makes it very easy to lift. Like the original CoverCradle, it requires 61cm (24”) back clearance and 7.6cm (3”) side clearance.*

*Actual back and side clearance may vary depending on spa model and location.

Watch the CoverCradle II in action here:

UpRite® Cover Lifter

The UpRite cover lifter is ideal for limited clearance applications, such as if your spa pool is on a small patio or deck, or under a gazebo. This system allows the cover to fold up behind the spa bar top, requiring just 18cm (7”) of back clearance and 8cm (3”) of side clearance.* Not only does the UpRite fit into tighter spaces, it also creates a convenient sight barrier when open, so you can enjoy privacy as you soak in your home spa.

*Actual back and side clearance may vary depending on spa model and location.

Watch the Uprite cover lifter in action here:

Lift ‘n Glide® Cover Lifter

The Lift ‘n Glide cover lifter uses a gliding action to help you easily remove your spa cover. Requiring only 36cm (14”) of back clearance and 8cm (3”) of side clearance*, the Lift ‘n Glide is a great cover lifter option for spa pools located in tighter spaces.

*Actual back and side clearance may vary depending on spa model and location.

Watch the Lift ‘n Glide in action here:

Cover Valet RX

The Hot Spring Cover Valet RX is designed for use in our Freeflow Spas® range. Its under-mount base makes it easy to install. Removing your spa cover has never been easier with this gas spring assisted cover lifter. Watch how it is used below.